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Soo.. where do I start now that I'm engaged?

There's a common theme that comes along with making big investments for your future: scary. and unless you're an expert in the field that you're about to spend a lot of your hard earned money in, youre probably a little lost on where even to start. 

Hear me out. if you were ready to buy your first ever car, who would you call? Someone who sells cars for a living. If you were ready to buy your first ever house, who would you look to? A realtor or a real estate attorney, right? So, if you're planning your first ever wedding, why wouldn't you call an expert in the field? AKA, a Wedding Planner.  Wedding Planners can help you navigate what needs to be done and when, where you should be allocating your money and where you can stand to save a little bit. And I'm not just saying this because I just so *happen* to be one, it just makes the most logical sense to be reaching out to a professional in the field that you're making a (very) large life purchase in. For once it's okay to not know all the answers - especially if you don't spend 50+ hours a week working on floor plans, timelines, design boards, etc, etc. It's ok not to know, you guys! That's what I'm here for.

If you feel hiring a wedding planner is not for you - or just not in the budget - at least stop in for an hourly consultation. pick my brain, get all the details you have been wracking your brain over and let me help! Invest wisely for your Wedding. I'm here for ya!  

Still wonderin' what this is all about, and what exactly I can do for you? Click Here

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